Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quick question about Copics

I've been looking into getting some Copics & have a quick question for all you experts out there: is there a big difference in quality between the Sketch markers & Ciao? The Ciao markers are a couple dollars cheaper & they're already kinda pricey so I'd prefer to stay with those but wasn't sure if that would be a mistake.

Or, if you've only tried one type of Copic I'd really take any hints or tips you can give about using them. The tutorials are helpful but sometimes there are little quirks, ya know? I'm looking for all the help I can get! So if you're familiar with Copics I'd really love your input!! Thanks in advance :)


  1. Hi Janet, thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment. I only start using copics, as far as I know, quality wise is same as sketch, same nibs, same inks. Difference is they are round pens, may roll, and they don't have the color code on the top of the caps, they are smaller marker than the sketch and come in 144 colors (as opposed to over 300 in the Sketch line). Also ciao markers will not fit the Copic airbrush system. But ciao is good enough for stamper, you can always start with ciao, then fill the rest color you want to from sketch line.(same color code) Hope this helps!

  2. Hi Janet
    I have heard the same as Lily,I have just preordered the Ciao's as they were cheaper and I can't see myself using an air brush anyway.

  3. I have the airbrush and you can use the Ciaos, but you have to wedge them in with a bit of paper lol! I brought the airbrush system but to be honest I hardly use it - I have a few sketch markers but mainly ciaos and I love them! They take a bit of getting used to though as they work differently to most types of pen! As for coloring wise - there's no difference- they both 'work' the same! :) x