Friday, July 24, 2009

I Need Help With Sticky Stuff

Quick question for you crafters out there in BlogLand: do you have a preferred adhesive for your paper crafts? I used to use Aleene's glue but had trouble getting just the right amount - I wouldn't use enough & the papers wouldn't stick together, so I'd add a little more which made it too wet & the paper "ripples". On my recent buying spree I picked up some adhesive dots to try but the first card I made fell apart (the whole front came off). The dots were the removable kind, so maybe that was the problem. So anyway, crafty people please leave a comment with your favorite adhesive (or any sticky tips you may have). If you're not crafty - tell your friends, I need all the help I can get!

As I've mentioned before I'm planning to try to get some cards posted on here in the not too distant future...and I have another question. Sometimes coming up with the card design is half the battle, so I ask: what is your favorite card challenge blog? Sketch, theme, stamp company, whatever. Here's hoping you'll have some inspiration for me..........


  1. Hi Janet, the adhesive I use the most is double-sided sticky tape, but for sticking large areas of paper I use a dry stick glue - I stick it down then go over with a brayer to make it nice and flat, this stops any ripples. Nicki, xx.

  2. For my cards and even scrapbook layouts, I use ahh.... I don't know the martha stewart glue stick, it's blue when it's wet, dries clear. Only my cheaper paper ripples but very rarely. Its good cause when it's wet and you stick it's permanent but if you apply glue, let it dry and then stick, it's removable. So two glues in one. I also use double sided sticky tape but I mostly use that for ribbon, and photos.

    For blogs, checkout and (tell them I sent you... lol) and there is also Ive seen tons of sketch sites, but those are my favorite, the sketches are ALWAYS amazing, they never disappoint.